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Swags and Gazebos The Ultimate Camping Partners

Swags and Gazebos The Ultimate Camping Partners - image gazebs on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

If you love going camping in your swag, particularly if you’ve got a double swag like the Big Daddy Deluxe from Adventure Kings, then one of the best bits of camping gear that you can invest in, is a portable camping gazebo! In fact a gazebo like the Adventure Kings 3x3m Gazebo or 6x3m gazebo is the ultimate camping partner to your swag, in any sort of weather. Here’s why.

Portable gazebos for camping are so good because they create almost instant, generous amounts of shelter from the sun, the wind and the rain. When you roll your camping double swag out under your portable camping gazebo, you create the perfect campsite accommodation – heaps of protection from the elements, and so quick to setup!

Setting up your double swag or single swag under your 3×3 camping gazebo obviously gives you heaps of protection from the elements coming down from above, like rain or hot sun, but did you know that with a little upgrade, a camping gazebo can be a brilliant way to protect from the cold weather, and add heaps of privacy to your campsite too?

If you upgrade your portable camping gazebo with a gazebo tent, you create the ideal enclosed space to put your swag inside! And when it’s cold, that means you’ve got an extra layer of protection from the wind and the rain, as well as somewhere comfortable and spacious inside the camping gazebo tent to get changed, take your shoes off, that sort of thing!

Even better, if you’re camped at a busy campsite, then adding a gazebo tent to your 6x3m portable gazebo or 3x3m camping gazebo gives you a whole new layer of privacy too! No longer will you have to roll around trying to get changed or dressed inside your swag – you can simply get dressed in your portable gazebo tent, and you’ll have enough room to actually stand up inside. Talk about luxury!

Even if you don’t want to upgrade your portable gazebo and use a gazebo tent to put your swag inside, there are other camping gazebo upgrade options available. You can add a 3×3 metre mesh floor underneath your portable camping gazebo for instance to protect your swag from the dirty, wet or cold ground, and then you can also add a couple of genuine gazebo walls to your portable gazebo to add extra protection from the wind, rain and sun that could come in under your portable gazebo from the sides.

We’re massive fans of just how good a campsite consisting of a portable camping gazebo and a double swag is! The best part is, both a camping gazebo and a double swag are so quick to setup, that you’ll have your entire campsite created in well under 10 minutes, and likely under five minutes once you’ve done it a couple of times! Just set up your 3×3 gazebo or 6×3 gazebo, peg it down and then add your genuine gazebo accessories like a 3×3 gazebo tentgazebo side walls or a mesh floor. Finally, roll out your swag underneath your portable gazebo and that’s your entire campsite accommodation sorted!

Whether it’s for a busy campsite where you need privacy, or just for extra protection from the elements, a portable camping gazebo is your swag’s best mate out in the bush.

To get yourself sorted with shelter and all weather protection making sure that you head to www.4WDSupacentre.com.au call our expert team on 1800 88 39 64 or drop into one of our fully equipped showrooms to see the whole range of camping equipment in person and pick up your new gear upgrades.