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Sydney Electrical Service Provides Strata Management for Property Safety

Sydney Electrical Service is accredited by the NSW Department of Planning, we specialise in the supply of electricity from the energy authority network to your property.

Landlords know that attracting high-value tenants for their properties depends on maintaining a superior level of maintenance and repair services. Sydney Electrical Service understands the needs of strata management and has earned a reputation as a premiere Level 2 electrical provider.

Sydney Electrical Service professionals are qualified to carry out installations, repairs and maintenance work on business and residential properties. The company is experienced in both underground and overhead lines and is accredited by the NSW Department of Planning. Fully licensed and ensured, clients can rest easy knowing their properties are being served by experts in the field. The company also provides 24/7 emergency services.

Sydney Electrical Service provides a wide range of services to enhance property safety and tenant satisfaction. The electrician Bondi installs and repairs outdoor security lighting to mitigate the potential for injuries and other mishaps. The electrical company installs indoor and outdoor lighting, along with exit lights for use in the event of an emergency. The company installs energy-efficient LED for all applications that provides greater output and significant savings.

A rental property is an investment that needs to be protected from multiple types of potential dangers. The electrician Inner West installs smoke detectors for tenant safety and investment protection. It’s also a good idea to have appliances tested regularly to ensure they’re working properly. The company provides testing and installation of appliances encompassing washers and dryers, microwaves and ovens, heating and cooling units, ceiling fans, and water heaters.

Today’s tenants have far more electrical devices and increased power needs than in the past. To accommodate those requirements, the electrician Sutherland provides electrical upgrades and wiring to ensure properties comply with current Electrical Australian Standards. The company can provide a monthly maintenance routine and install upgrades for switchboards, fuse and meter boxes, and outlets.

Sydney Electrical Service provides energy audits and reports, free quotes, and guarantees workmanship on all services. The Level 2 electrician provides property owners and strata management teams with peace of mind knowing their investment is protected. The company is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and a stress-free experience.

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