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Taiwan dubbed “the new Hawaii” as it becomes the hot new surfing destination

Taiwan has become one of the hot new surfing destinations in the world, with some surfing adventurers dubbing it “the new Hawaii”.


The water’s great temperature and the monstrous waves during the monsoon season ensure that for surfers it’s ‘always on’.  According to website magicseaweed.com US soldiers were the first to surf the beach on the north coast of Jin Shan in 1965, and local pioneers have continued their legacy.


The best spots are scattered along the east coast and the ideal surfing season is Winter, between October and March.  The typhoon season is the one that provides the largest waves, from June to September, however if there is a typhoon warning, surfing is not encouraged!


One small and unassuming fishing village in Taitung called Donghe is referred to as a surfing Mecca as it consistently picks up the best swell on the entire East Coast.  It is the most consistent throughout the year which is why, despite the lack of infrastructure, die hard surfers from across the world head here.


Just to the south of Donghe is Jinzun.  It is here that the biggest surfing event in Taiwan, the Taiwan Open of Surfing, takes place every November.  Jinzun itself used to be a small fishing community, but in recent years surfing has changed the vibe of the place.  While still developing, there are now more B&B’s, surf shops and cafes springing up, including an established surfing school.


It’s not just on the east coast where there are great waves to be found.  Jialehui in Kenting National Park is the place to head in the south of Taiwan.  The surf here is generally smaller and as a result is a good place for beginners and intermediates as well as more experienced surfers.  Its location is close to a river mouth creating long-lasting breaks which are ideal for those looking to practice manoeuvres.


Furlong Beach is better known for being a day-tripping destination from Taipei and the home of the famous sand-sculpting festival than for its surfing.  However, it offers a fantastic swell with big, long-lasting waves that are great for the more experienced surfers to practice their moves on.




The black sands of Waiao Beach in Yilan is quite close to Taipei, in fact only an hour and a half by car.  This is a destination that has gained popularity over the past few years and there are events now held on the once quiet beach.  However, if you decide to go in Winter you might find yourself with only a small handful of other resilient souls keen to brave any conditions just to surf.