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Tall Trees Reveals the Importance of Physical Activity in the Elderly

Aged care professionals impart why physical activity is important for the elderly and what its many benefits are.

Australia, 25 December 2013 - Any caregiver or health care provider will tell you that there are many things that go into the care for the elderly and there are many ways to make their lives better. Regardless of the setting, there is much that can be done to increase the health of the individuals in this age group and provide them longer and happier lives.

Physical activity is one of the most important things that an elderly person can do to promote better health
. The early paradigm used required the aged individuals to engage in physically intensive exercises for about 30-45 minutes every day. More recently however, the term active living has dominated the field. This term refers to an elderly person being physically active for at least 30 minutes a day, but not necessarily in one sitting.

In either case, the benefits of physical activity are vast because of the incredible effects they have that counter the natural processes of ageing and deterioration.

Drawing upon his vast experience in aged care, Phil Usher, owner and founder of Tall Trees Care Communities, can shed some light on the subject of physical activity in the aged, its importance and many benefits to improving health.

“As people grow older, their bodies don’t function in the same way as when they were younger and their physical capacity may slightly deteriorate. Staying active however and engaging in some form of exercise can keep the body in shape and promote better long-term health.”

He goes on to cite specific examples of just what these benefits are and the role they play in improving individual elderly lives.

“Better blood circulation increases cardiovascular health, which is very important, especially for those at a greater risk for heart diseases. Motor skills are also improved as bone and muscles become stronger, promoting better mobility and decreasing the risks of falls and other injuries. In addition to the physical health, activity also counteracts depression, anxiety and generally improves mental health.”

Usher then explains how physical activity can be promoted and what motivates elderly people to exercise.

“Jumping right into living an active life and getting into such routine can be difficult for some at first, but there are ways to promote this. The most important is for the individual to receive positive encouragement from their friends, family and caregivers. This will motivate them to be active and improve their own health. In fact, social involvement is at the heart of exercise because elderly people can exercise together, allowing them to more easily forge social bonds and encourage each other.”

Usher concludes with how proper aged care workers encourage physical activity.

“It is vital for aged care workers to encourage their clients to engage in physical activity  for them to enjoy longer and healthier lives. Within all of our communities we offer opportunities for physical activity, along with the encouragement from our caregivers.”

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