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The Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia [APESMA] signs to implement Greentree,

Star Business Solutions to assist APESMA with their new Buisness Management & Accounting Software System

Star Business Solutions (Star) is proud to announce that The Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia [APESMA],with offices throughout Australia,has engaged Star to provide, implement, train and service all of their Greentree business management & accounting software system requirements.

For more than 60 years
APESMA has been advancing the workplace rights of professionals. They have an network of in excess of 25,000 professionals working together for a better deal for all members. Today APESMA represents professionals from a wide variety of disciplines including engineering, science, IT, pharmacy, architecture, surveying and many more. The host' organisation - originally registered as the Association of Professional Engineers, Australia (APEA) - was established in September 1946.

APEA was the first organisation to ensure that professionals be recognised and rewarded for the high-value work they do. The Professional Engineers Case finalised in 1961 saw engineers across Australia receive salary increases averaging more than 40 per cent. Even more importantly it set the precedent for work value and benchmark salaries for professionals.

When smaller unions were encouraged to amalgamate in the 1990s, many professionals said they wanted to be represented by an organisation that understood the needs of professional employees. The Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia (
APESMA) is the result of mergers between the following organisations (year of merger in brackets):

The Association of Professional Engineers, Australia (founded 1946, registered 1948)

The Association of Professional Scientists, Australia (registered 1962, merged 1991)

The Local Government Engineers Association of New South Wales (1991)

Senior Managers (Telstra & Australia Post) Association (1994)

ABC Senior Executives Association (1994)

Association of Architects of Australia (1995)

Salaried Pharmacists Association (1997)

Association of Railway Professional Officers of Australia (1997)

Australian Collieries' Staff Association (2001)

Managers & Professionals Association (2004)

Professional Officers' Association (Victoria) (2006)

Ambulance Managers & Professionals (Victoria) (2010)

has been building on the precedent established by the 1961 decision ever since. It has set up and maintained a series of awards for engineers, scientists and other professionals. APESMA support members by offering expert advice on pay, conditions and rights at work. They are also a collective voice, which means strength in numbers, and give professional access to industry intelligence. APESMA empower members with tools and services to assist advancement. They influence government and industry to keep professions strong.

Star Business Solutions
is a market leading organisation in business management and accounting software solutions with offices inMelbourne, Sydney,Canberra and Adelaide. Star believesthat their business solution software partner, Greentree, is the best locally developed integrated business management & accounting software package in it’s market with Financials, Distribution, Job Costing, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, CRM, HR/Payroll, eCommerce, Report Writer, Workflow and Business Process Management. Star’s goal is to provide services and solutions that constitute clear, measurable value which will validate each client’s choice to partner with them.

Trish Hall CA

Chief Executive Officer
Star Business Solutions.