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The Necessary List

We try on shoes and clothes to ensure they fit, feel comfortable and are appealing.  What about doing the same for a new home?  It's the largest investment your likely to make, so isn't it important to 'try on' a home before buying it?

It's not surprising that we look for a home in places that are convenient to work, public transport or schools, so why not take the routine activities of family members into account too?

Make a List of what Matters to You .... then go shopping!

Look at a lot of houses.  After you viewed each one, have a talk about how it measured up to the list.  No doubt, after a few inspections, you may vary the list as your experience of what's new and available grows.

Don't be sidetracked by 'shiney' objects, like a brass bed, some wicker, lots of healthy house plants, and a few trendy pieces of furniture - nowadays houses are staged for inspections to make them more appealing.  Admire what's been done with the house, but the furnishings and decorations will go when the vendor goes!

Remember when you look at a house, you get the bare bones and not all the frills.  Knowing what's important to you can save you costly mistakes.  The process of 'trying on' a house helps you evaluate what's important.  You'll find it's worth the effort.

It's also a good idea to secure a pre-approval prior to commencing your property search so you know how much you've got to invest.  This is particularly important if you are considering bidding at auction.

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