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ThycoticCentrify Releases Enhancements to Secret Server and DevOps Secrets Vault to Strengthen Management of Enterprise Secrets

Updates make it easier than ever for security, ITops and DevOps teams to secure and manage all types of privileged accounts

Adelaide, Australia  June 3, 2021 – ThycoticCentrify, a leading provider of cloud identity security solutions formed by the merger of privileged access management (PAM) leaders Thycotic and Centrify, today announced the latest release of its award-winning PAM solution, Thycotic Secret Server and enhancements to its PAM solution for DevOps, Thycotic DevOps Secrets Vault.

The updates to Thycotic Secret Server make it easier than ever for security and ITops teams to secure and manage all types of privileged accounts, offering the fastest time to value. Meanwhile, new functionality in DevOps Secrets Vault improves security and collaboration crucial for effective DevSecOps.

Enhancements to Thycotic Secret Server

Modern PAM needs to secure every secret and privileged object within the enterprise no matter where they reside – on-prem systems, multi-cloud layers, and devices – by embedding security controls within the highest-risk layers: Clouds, Code, Data and Devices. As a result, secrets management requires more sophisticated security controls than simply managing passwords. Thycotic Secret Server secures secrets for complex enterprises with diverse types of privileged accounts, including service, application, root and administrator accounts. 

With the latest enhancements to Thycotic Secret Server, enterprises can now: 

  • Block commands on critical systems. Organisations can prevent users from running commands on security infrastructure or servers managed by a third party during SSH proxied sessions.
  • Remove roadblocks in the approval workflow. Configuration controls such as timeouts and branching workflows ensure requests aren’t stalled when approvers are unable to review them. 
  • Speed up deployment for multiple locations. Customers can now capture the settings of an installation so they can automatically replicate them, particularly important for larger enterprises that want to maintain consistency. 
  • Manage secrets using mobile devices. It’s now easier for business users to check-in and check-out secrets when they’re away from their laptops. Users requiring logins or other credentials stored in a secret now have access at all times via the Secret Server Mobile App.
  • Schedule reports for download. Secret Server now provides scheduled report data as a CSV file attachment. 
  • Secure connections to automate regression testing. Increased automation in Connection Manager reduces the time needed for regression testing, allowing more time for core development. 

"To stay ahead of the threat curve, security and ITops teams are looking for ways to adopt and update security best practices, like PAM, in the most convenient way," said Jai Dargan, ThycoticCentrify Vice President of Product Management. "Our continued enhancement to Secret Server highlights our goal to always bring ease-of-use to our customers so they can achieve their desired security outcomes while also getting the quickest return on their investments."

Organisations can test drive the latest version of Thycotic Secret Server for free at https://thycotic.com/products/secret-server/

Improved security and collaboration for effective DevSecOps

DevOps Secrets Vault now eliminates friction in the DevOps workflow with high-speed secrets management. When cloud platform administrators, developers, applications, or databases need to access a target, DevOps Secrets Vault generates just-in-time, dynamic secrets that automatically expire. Developers can avoid hard-coding credentials in applications and CI/CD tools or storing them in third-party repositories. 

Advanced reporting identifies vulnerabilities and reduces risk 

The latest release of DevOps Secrets Vault also includes advanced reporting capabilities that enable enterprises to easily identify privileged account risk in their DevOps processes. DevOps Secrets Vault customers can now customise reports using advanced queries to return granular information on users, groups, secrets, and policies. As a result, they can take action more quickly to address security vulnerabilities in their DevOps process and protect critical privileged accounts from negligent insiders and malicious cyber attackers. 

DevOps Secrets Vault saves developers time and instils confidence that encryption is correct. Instead of including encryption within an application or creating another application to manage a process, developers can now send unencrypted data to DevOps Secrets Vault’s API where it is then returned with encryption. DevOps Secrets Vault automatically creates the data encryption key and locks it away in a military-grade, secure vault. 

With this latest release, users also have the choice to manually supply an encryption key. This option allows developers maximum control to use the same key to encrypt and decrypt, even outside of DevOps Secrets Vault. 

"DevSecOps is transforming the ways enterprises act to reduce cyber threats," says Dargan. "With the enhancements to the DevOps Secrets Vault, we’re improving the ways developers, operations and security teams collaborate so they can accelerate their work, and gain a more accurate picture of risk."

Multi-layered approach to cloud security 

DevOps Secrets Vault is available as a standalone vault for organisations with existing PAM solutions, as well as within Thycotic’s Cloud Automation Bundle, a single package of Thycotic’s integrated cloud PAM solutions. 

Even with multiple business and technical functions utilising different types of cloud resources, Thycotic provides a consolidated view of privileged access across an entire organisation so IT security teams can manage privileges according to consistent policies. Automation and simple, policy-based controls replace time-consuming, error-prone manual privilege management.

To learn more about DevOps Secrets Vault and receive a free trial go here.

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