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TigerTurf Atomic Pro 40 Multi-Sport System Makes Best Use of Space

World’s leading providers of synthetic turfs TigerTurf has launched the TigerTurf Atomic Pro 40 multi-sport system to meet the demands of an all-weather field. This system enables schools to have an all-weather synthetic turf system that is fit for purpose for a range of sports.

They are fully tested and certified, allowing schools to maximise the range of sports on offer, keep sports fields open for play irrespective of hours of use or weather conditions and enable schools to maintain their sports training, playing and curriculum schedules without disruption.

TigerTurf Atomic Pro 40 multi-sport system is a long pile turf system developed around the “One Turf” concept established by FIFA, FIH, World Rugby and documented in the British Standard for synthetic turf sports surfaces; EN 15330-1, to meet the requirements of a range of field sports – rugby, football, hockey and futsal. 

Known as a long pile or 3G synthetic turf system, these types of surfaces are designed to replicate the playing qualities of natural grass and have traditionally been used for football.  TigerTurf have developed, and had certified, its Atomic Pro 40 system to allow football and hockey to be played on the same field, providing an acceptable playing surface for community and development level hockey.

When selecting a hockey or a football turf, it needs to meet the requirements of the intended level of play that will take place on the facility.  For a hockey turf to be approved, it must be produced by an FIH Preferred supplier or FIH Certified Manufacturer.  Installing an FIH approved product is the first step to ensuring a field meets expectations.  If, however, it is installed incorrectly or laid on a poorly built base the required levels of quality can be compromised.  Therefore, it is also important to ensure the construction of the facility is undertaken by an FIH preferred supplier or an FIH Certified Field builder.  These are companies with a proven ability to build hockey facilities to standards the game requires.

TigerTurf’s Atomic Pro 40 system is a semi filled long pile synthetic turf, laid over the 15mm insitu SBR rubber shock pad.  The yarn used in this surface is the TenCate XWR monofilament diamond shaped yarn.  The XWR fibre has been designed for extreme wear resistance with a thick (365 micron) fibre that won’t split with hours and hours of play.

When certifying a system, the turf undergoes several rigorous tests to determine it meets a sports’ technical requirements.  They look at ball rebound, ball roll, ball roll consistency and deviation, shock absorption, vertical deformation, shoe / surface friction and skin / surface friction.

TigerTurf has stringent checks to ensure the turf is durable. Towards this end they undertake a series of simulated wear tests that looks at abrasion resistance, carpet strength, directional stability, turf bind and the strength of joins.  All the yarns used in these turfs must also meet standards in fibre polymer characteristics, tensile strength, UV tests and toxicology requirements. Being a Multi-Sport surface, the turf must comply with the appropriate standards and recommendations of the other sports governing bodies. 

For more information visit http://tigerturf.com/au/, call 1800 802 570 or email AUinfo@tigerturf.com