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Timber Fencing Still Popular in Brisbane

Timber supplier lends experience and perspective to reveal why timber fencing is still so popular in Brisbane.

Brisbane QLD, 28 August 2017 - Timber fencing has been around for hundreds of years, but its popularity shows no signs of slowing down in the Brisbane area. Recently, timber sales professional Jack Kyle, owner of Narangba Timbers, revealed why timber fencing is so popular in Brisbane on his company blog.

Multiple Style Options

Timber fencing can be built in many different styles, from the traditional picket fence to a solid privacy fence to everything in between. Other designs include paddock, stockade, spaced board and split rail. In addition, timber fencing provides the option for an infinite variety of dimensions and subtle stylistic changes.

Installation and Repair are Easy

Fences made out of other materials such as chain link are difficult and costly to repair because large sections often have to be replaced, just to repair small holes in the fence. Timber fencing, however, can usually be repaired easily by replacing one board. Even a large repair on a timber fence can usually be completed as a do-it-yourself job in a cost-effective manner.

Customisation is Easy

Many fences from other materials are prefabricated and must be constructed with specific dimensions and specific designs. A timber fence can be built to fit any design and any dimensions. It can be easily customized for additional features such as flower boxes and gates.

Environmentally Friendly

Timber is the most environmentally friendly material for building fences, because it has a negative carbon footprint. In addition, even with the controversial CCA additive, Timber does not contaminate the environment.

Most Cost Effective Option

When compared to any other fencing material, Timber is the most cost-effective option. This is because timber itself is inexpensive and because the labor can easily be completed by most homeowners without special equipment.

Easily Updated by Re-Staining

It is easy to update a timber fence, simply by restaining it a different color. This can significantly change the appearance of the fence and the property upon which it sits. Staining also helps waterproof a fence and helps keep UV rays from damaging the timber. Staining can also prevent timber from splitting in many cases.


If privacy is the main reason for putting up a fence, timber provides the highest degree of any common fencing material. First of all, it is dense and cannot be seen through. Secondly, it helps to soundproof the property if the fence is solid.

In addition, timber absorbs sound while other materials reflect it. Sometimes other materials almost act as speakers because they help vibrate the sound into the next yard.


Those who are fans of timber fencing often cite its appearance and aesthetic as its greatest positive attributes. According to Mr Kyle:

“As far as I am concerned, no fencing material has the beauty or the aesthetic of a timber fence. While other materials often detract from the appearance or aesthetic of a property, timber always adds to it. It doesn't get any better than that.”

Narangba Timbers is a timber sales outlet in Narangba. They supply timber for a wide variety of uses such as residential construction, timber flooring, timber decking, timber fencing and more to the Brisbane area. If you would like to learn more about timber fencing or would like to talk to their world class customer service staff, call (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: https://www.narangbatimbers.com.au/.