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Timber Suppliers in Brisbane: “Timber is Good for Your Health.”

Timber suppliers in Brisbane cite extensive research proving the tangible health benefits of integrating timber into interior design.

14 July 2017, Brisbane, QLD - Most timber industry “lifers” seem to enjoy everything about their work. They love the smell, feel and appearance of timber. Their homes are usually testaments to their work, with timber decks, timber floors and timber fences. Some of them may suspect that timber is good for their health, but they don’t know why other than the fact that they like it.

Recently, some timber suppliers in Brisbane used their company blog to publish some news that didn’t surprise those who love the industry, but may surprise some people: timber actually is good for one’s health.

Recently, a worldwide group called Planet Ark released a report about how timber affects health when it is used in interior design. This kind of design, which integrates natural timber into interior design, is called “nature connected” or “biophilic” design. They cite different studies showing some surprising effects that timber can have when used for homes, schools, workplaces, doctor’s offices, aged care facilities and schools.

When timber is incorporated into the interior design of aged care facilities, the residents of the facilities interact with each other more. When timber is incorporated into schools, the cognitive abilities of the students are increased. When patients recovering from surgery are placed in rooms that incorporate timber, they heal faster.

In all applications where timber is incorporated into interior design, those who use the buildings benefit from reduced heart rate and less stress hormones. Timber also helps raise self esteem.

Timber Flooring is the Most Common

The most common and easiest way to incorporate timber into interior design is to install timber flooring. Solid timber doors can also be incorporated into a building that otherwise appears to not have room to add timber. Laminates are often used for desks and other furniture, but they do not produce the same effect as solid natural Timber.

Timber Suppliers Weigh In

Jack Kyle is the owner of Narangba Timbers, a third generation family business of timber suppliers in the Brisbane area. According to Mr Kyle:

“We have always made it quite well-known that we love timber and we love the timber business. We love the smells the texture and the site of freshly cut timber.  We also enjoy helping our customers turn timber into decks, fences, buildings and floors.”

Mr Kyle continued: “We have always suspected the timber is good for us just because it helps take the stress away. There's nothing more relaxing than sitting on a timber deck and enjoying a few beverages at the end of a long day or having a few friends over to share them with.”

Mr Kyle concluded: “We are not surprised to learn of the many health benefits of incorporating timber into interior design. As far as we are concerned, all the scientists may as well be preaching to the choir. And we’re good with that.”

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