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How amazing would it be if you could get your goods delivered to their destination on time? Better yet, wouldn’t it be awesome if they got there in one piece and in good condition? Sadly, when it comes to our precious commodities, some of us bare the losses due to one simple mistake; we chose an incompetent freight provider who mishandled the cargo. There is nothing more frustrating than discovering the gift you sent to your relative in Belgium actually got there in ‘halves.’ So to avoid these kind of mishaps, here is what you should look for when choosing your Interstate freight company.


Experience speaks a lot about the competence of a provider. In fact, a company with experience means that they have dealt with the toughest of situations. Whether it’s the shutdown of a port, or the rerouting of the cargo, a veteran will have dealt with it all and will know how to overcome such obstacles. So experience is definitely an attribute you should be keen on.

The provider’s networking and business partners

This is very important. A provider that has both strong local and international connections is like a cup of sweet tea. This means that your goods can safely and securely be delivered regardless of the distance of the destination. Heck, if the provider can get your commodities delivered to Atlantis, the better!

The provider should offer the freight services you need

There’s no point you should seek the services of a provider who only offers road and shipment options, yet you are exporting flowers to France (perishable items)! It just doesn’t add up. Also, make sure they offer an insurance plan. I cannot reiterate how important it is to have a backup cushion in case things go south during transit. To put it simply, cargo insurance and tracking better be part of their package. If not, think twice about shaking their hand no matter how sweet the deal is.


Great Customer Service

To put it simply, would you want to be friends with someone who seems snobbish and rude at first glance? The same thing applies to the provider. If they truly do not take the time to make you feel comfortable about trusting your goods to them, then there’s no point of wasting even a single dollar.

Great feedback review

As we all know, feedback is crucial during decision making. It helps you decide whether or not the provider has been competent or slacking in their service delivery. If everything is super awesome with their reviews, then it’s safe to say you can trust them to get things done for you. With that being said, reflect back on these points and if you see that the provider meets these criteria, then you’re good to go!


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