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Trueline Explain How an Insulated Patio Can Save you Money

As Trueline explain it, insulation works both ways. Unlike a thin steel pan roof, an insulated roof will help you keep heat away from your patio, and that will make your patio much more comfortable. It will also look better, add more value, keep you in touch with the outdoors, shade completely, shed protect from rain, and in most cases, channel drainage so it doesn’t splatter. It will also prevent heat from penetrating the roof and reaching the patio, and will safely conceal electrical cabling for ceiling lights and fans.

Because of the more permanent, more finished look of insulated patio roofing, you can expect that an insulated roof will retain more of its value than a single skin steel roof, and under an insulated roof, you’ll still feel very much outdoors, though much cooler than if you were in the sun. The sides are open, so you’ll have a view of the lawn and garden, and you’ll even smell the blooms.

An insulated roof shades completely and deeply. The shade itself lowers patio temperatures by preventing the concrete pad from acting as a heat sink. Although the air may be the same temperature as it is beyond the patio, the patio itself will feel 10-15 degrees cooler than if it were exposed to the sun. What’s more, heat will not radiate through the insulated roofing panels as it would with a non-insulated steel roof.

Trueline combine their wealth of engineering expertise with modern architectural thinking, to help customers go beyond the ordinary and create an imaginatively designed structure of personalised style and liveability, matched to each person’s home, lifestyle and outdoor environment.

An insulated patio roof is a super smart outdoor improvement to your home, and for more information on Trueline patios and patio builders Brisbane please go to www.trueline.net.au .