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Alleged Twitter trolls attempt to silence a 'fair hearing' via Information Secure Media Group (ISMG)

Simon Smith of eVestigator questions ISMG's ethics and credibility of sources and it's fishing attempts


Simon Smith of eVestigator® questions ISMG's ethics and credibility of sources and it's fishing attempts

MELBOURNE, Australia – 14/11/2017. It was a typical morning for Cyber Security expert Simon Smith in Melbourne. He was called by Jeremy Kirk from ISMG with claims that the 'Information Security' community believe that by Mr. Smith exercising his legal right to sue alleged Twitter stalkers for stalking he must be stopped.

Mr. Smith practices in this industry and has succeeded in many cases at finding Cyber Stalkers, Cyber Criminals, and Cyber Scammers for the benefit of the public. Over six months ago, he came across a group of Twitter 'users' who call themselves hackers and claim to be in some form of 'info-sec', or 'cyber-sec' with little to no experience.

After several appearances in the media, the alleged 'trolls' took an immediate dislike and jealousy to Mr. Smith and started a major gang-stalking campaign to harm Mr. Smith. It should be duly noted that Mr. Smith is a Cyber Stalking expert and well known for dealing with people who behave in this way.

 Mr. Smith stated in an interview today that to date he had received:

 Over 10 false SMS’s claiming to be potential customers, robotic calls, and other people he never heard of just to harass him;

 Thousands of initiating racial, derogatory, defamatory, defacing comments and images on Twitter, email, and other media for no reason;

 Abuse just for the fact he has been on TV;

 Hundreds of false accusations and interference with his personal life, theft and defacing of personal images;

 False and misleading accusations by unqualified 'experts', as well as attempts to impersonate him in at least ten accounts;

 Threats in the mail and Black Hat SEO campaigns;

 Threatening emails demanding Mr. Smith drops legal cases 'or else';

 False, misleading and deceptive publications and remarks about him;

 Attempted server attacks, email-bombs, personal pictures as Trump, Hitler, Genitals;

Sabotage at Awards nominations;

 Pictures with Penises and other mutilations over his personal photographs from these so-called 'professionals';

 Constant surveillance and false accusations, forged emails, and resorting to falsifying documents, sending out Mr. Smith's number on a girl's account saying free sex pictures;

Mr. Smith says, "shame on you ISMG for even listening to these alleged criminals". Among all of these, Mr. Smith has been able to isolate 3-4 Australian’s who have taken part in this alleged conduct and rightfully, as is his human rights under the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 (Vic) to a Fair Hearing, begun proceedings under the Personal Safety Intervention Orders Act 2010, one of whose conduct (according to the court on the face of the evidence at a second interlocutory application) warranted an interim restraining order.

Mr. Smith says, "despite no directions hearing or any opportunity of evidence being presented to the court, he has been subject to 'deceptive one sided news reports and bullying by the media', one which was taken down for completely fictitious content invented by a 'misleading researcher' named Intern0t, and now Mr. Kirk told Mr Smith today that over ten of his stalkers has been interviewed as 'credible', interfering with the court process". Mr. Smith said to that, "You have not seen my evidence Mr. Kirk then".

"One alleged cyber-stalker Bryan Onel of oneleet.com (an alleged overnight CISSP expert), and a so-called 'Senior' in his two years of what seems to be potential industry experience in 'AI', responded back to a Cease and Desist letter with a picture of a man 'sucking his own penis', yet the journalist deems him credible". No further comment can be made about this individual as there are criminal and civil proceedings underway in both Australia and Amsterdam.

Mr. Smith further says that "the overseas owned publications are merely protecting what he has found to be an alleged criminal syndicate of fake overnight 'info-sec' and 'cyber-sec' charlatans who cannot handle his success, and the media profession would be brought into disrepute with such low quality news that has not even hit the face of justice, endorsing the alleged conduct of criminal impersonators trying to cash in on the Cyber Security profession".

Mr. Smith says, "I know Cyber Stalkers very well. They don't like being caught out or named. One runs under the alias of Intern0t falsified the level of vulnerabilities in mere prototype front-end 5 minute 'Apps' to feed his ego (as he faked with Google in 2012 which he could never get over and around the same time 1and1 disabled Intern0t.net for hosting hacking software).

Mr. Smith has been a pioneer in real software engineering for 21 years and does not consider a prototype an Application, nor does he consider a hacker inside the premises performing a MITM who has reverse engineered an in-house invite only App 'a vulnerability' - some would say 'physical trespassing'. They might as well unplug the router!".

Mr. Smith feels that the 'researcher' community has got so desperate, needs to engage in extortion, has turned to twisting the 'truth' to tell reporters what they want to hear for their fishing expedition to get some publicity. Technology exists right now to intercept any App on the AppStore, Mr. Smith said. Apps are play-school compared to what they used to be. People have too many libraries and layers, and de-compiling is too easy. Mr. Smith refuses to make anything commercial on an Android or iPhone".

Mr. Smith's started programming at just eleven years old and then in industry from right on eighteen, making up 21 years of enterprise industry experience. He does not consider an in-house 'prototype', 'front-end', 'splash screen novelty' an 'Application'. Mr. Smith has created Enterprise Applications and has indicated that he will be releasing more Applications in the very short term. "I have created major Applications that have been fully custom written and turned over millions of dollars in resale for industry markets", Mr. Smith said.

Mr. Smith finished by stating, "There is no place for journalists who do not understand the definition of Cyber Security (from my valid and proven experience) to even report on the topic. It is the very fact of evidence-based findings, forensic evidence and our civil and criminal justice system that is fundamental to its definition. To punish someone for exercising their rights to a fair hearing goes against the spirit of the industry. I did warn the reporter that it was extremely unethical and his sources were far from credible; their stories did not match my evidence; and it was premature. Mr. Kirk was not interested in that evidence."

Simon Smith is an expert in all areas of the IT SDLC, Programming, Investigations, Computer Forensics, Mediation, Dispute Resolution, Criminology, and the Cyber Security discipline. He is a member of AISA, IEEE and VSCL to name a few, is a Certified Expert Witness, holds over 12 Post Graduate Qualifications, is ISO27001 and ISO9001 accredited, holds 8 NICCS and DHS recognised Cyber Certifications, and over 100 Australian Qualifications higher than any short course credential awarded these days (ie CCNA, CCIE), is a Licensed Investigator, Nationally Accredited Mediator, Commonwealth Accredited FDRP and is respected for his mentoring and expertise he gives with his 21 years of industry experience and is disgraced at the attack from the industry he volunteers time to when not busy with 'real' work.

"My standing is backed by a network of over 200,000 global 'real' professionals and the 'Twitter trolls' are a minority. If they are so worried about me, they shouldn't be. I already succeeded at the age of 23 building my first multi-million dollar software company. They should be concentrating on their careers, if they have one", Mr. Smith said.

"False information and personal attacks destroy the industry that I try to protect. For someone that has mentored so many people, these people with between half to 1/20th of the industry experience should concentrate on getting better at what they do. I maintain I have never initiated anything to harm anyone. I am the victim of cyber-harassment caused by jealousy and pure disrespect. I'm not going to go away like their other victims. This time they picked the wrong fight. The border does not protect anyone from Cybercrime", Mr. Smith said.