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Two Tradies Fund 1000+ Hours of Free Professional Mental Health Support

Brisbane based social enterprise and workwear brand, TradeMutt has launched its new non-for-profit organisation; This Is A Conversations Starter (TIACS). The service is aimed at tradies, truckies, blue-collar workers and their families and helps continue the conversations that TradeMutt’s funky work shirts have started across the nation. 

Since March 2018, the eye-catching shirts have taken the blue-collar community by storm and amassed the support of over 42,000 tradies across Australia, many of whom wear their bright coloured work shirts every Friday to help start conversations about mental health. 

Co-founders and carpenters by trade, Ed Ross and Dan Allen decided to launch the brand after Dan lost a close mate to suicide. 

After their early success starting public and cultural conversations, launching the TIACS text and call service, the first of its kind in Australia, to continue these conversations at a private and clinical level seemed like the natural next step. 

So far, the service has provided 1000+ hours of mental health support and employs two full-time psychologists. That equates to $260,000 worth of services that were provided for free based on the Australian Psychological Society’s recommended consultation fee for a 45 – 60 minute session of $260. 

“We have been blown away with the positive feedback as well as the stories of people showing vulnerability once they know what the shirts are about” says co-founder Ed Ross. 

However, the brand has no plans to stop anytime soon and with 5% of profits from every garment sold going directly to TIACS, the boys are hoping that the launch of their new line of workwear will continue to bolster the “Funky Friday” movement across worksites all around Australia. 

TradeMutt’s new collection, “Retrospective” is the latest colourful offering from the brand, with a nostalgic Aussie feel that is designed to inspire tradies to reflect on the last year, embrace new challenges and look ahead with a positive perspective.  

Catering to tradies who require day/night rated workwear as well as those who don’t, the new collection has three new prints in five styles. 

With print names such as T.I.E. (Take It Easy), Whoopsie Daisy and Open Road, each with a unique story, the shirts are bound to start conversations about learning how to take it easy on ourselves and other, owning up to our mistakes and learning to let go and enjoy the moment. 

The “Retrospective” collection is limited-edition and launches on the 3rd of February 2021. 

You can find out more about TradeMutt and view their products at: www.trademutt.com  

You can find out more about TIACS and access their services at: www.tiacs.org  


CONTACT - EDWARD ROSS (Co Founder) 0438 118 214 or edward.ross@trademutt.com