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Ultrafiltration & Pharmaceutical Fluid Transfer

Ultrafiltration removes organic contaminants from media—a necessary component of pharmaceutical fluid transfer. It can be used to filter out bacteria, virus, pyrogens, and endotoxins.

Ultrafiltration Pump

Pumps used in ultrafiltration for pharmaceutical processing must be non-contaminating and noninvasive. Masterflex® peristaltic pump drives meet these stringent requirements. These pumps:

  • Transfer fluid through a filtration system at flow rates up to 13 LPM
  • Maintain the purity of raw materials/chemical solutions and sanitary integrity applications
  • Allow for end product separations/harvesting
  • Are used in the QC/QA analysis labs for buffer and nutrient media filtration

Extended-life tubing used in Masterflex pumps ensures minimum particle entrapment and offers excellent biocompatibility. Many tubing formulations are available to handle the specific needs of pharmaceutical processing.

The remaining system component—the pump head—delivers accuracy and repeatability and ensures optimal performance when used with Masterflex® pump tubing.

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