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Victoria based Taits Legal wins workflow benefits and lower costs with BigHand

Easy to use, accurate speech recognition speeds transcription

Sydney, Australia, August 2013 - Victoria based law firm Taits Legal has already experienced significant workflow benefits and cost savings since implementing BigHand’s digital dictation system including smartphone applications and speech recognition technology.

According to David Benfell, a Senior Associate with Taits Legal who is responsible for the firm’s IT strategy, the firm had long appreciated the benefits associated with digital dictation particularly in terms of streamlined workflow management to better utilise solicitors’ and secretaries’ time.

However legacy technology issues had shackled the firm to an analogue approach. Taits made the switch to digital dictation following a technology systems refresh in late 2012, which prepared the ground for a BigHand deployment in early 2013.

David Benfell said that Taits Legal had identified BigHand as an attractively-priced premium product, and that the firm had been impressed by the accuracy, ease of use and scalability of the system.

Lawyers now have the option of dictating from their smartphones, which is particularly handy when they’re out of the office as they only need to carry the one device, or from traditional digital dictation devices. Lawyers assign a priority to the dictation using BigHand’s workflow management tools which is then routed to a secretary or the speech recognition server for transcription.

David Benfell comments: “I have found BigHand’s speech recognition to have very high accuracy – in the high 90s – and it is especially useful for file notes where there is not much formatting required, saving time for our support staff.”

He said since implementing BigHand, documents are turned around faster and backlogs have evened out. The firm’s secretaries, who are located across their multiple offices, now work as a virtual team allowing them to tackle transcription work or speech recognition proofing promptly and seamlessly, no matter where the lawyer is located.

Benfell is now interested to explore BigHand’s reporting module to gain further workflow transparency and the opportunity for better metrics at a management level.


About BigHand
The BigHand Group supports over 170,000 professionals globally, across 1,650 organisations, and is based out of Sydney, Chicago, London, and Toronto. BigHand’s voice productivity technology combines workflow digital dictation, smartphone applications and speech recognition to offer the legal market a technology that allows professionals to use their voice to get more done while improving operational efficiencies and reducing overhead costs. Further info is available at www.bighand.com.au.