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Video Production Firm Shares Tips for Maximising Online Video Marketing

The video marketing and production firm from Gold Coast reveals nine strategies to revitalise any video marketing campaign.

Perth, WA, April 30, 2013 - Video marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most popular strategies for attracting visitors to business websites. According to generally accepted industry numbers, over 100 million videos are viewed online everyday. In addition, visitors to retail sites with videos stay an average of 2 minutes longer, and industry numbers indicate that videos make a visitor 64% more likely to purchase products from website. Small businesses that include videos in their profiles report 18% more calls, 30% more profile clicks, and 24% more sales.

However, simply producing a video and putting it on YouTube is no guarantee of results. Due to the success of video marketing, the competition is fierce, and those who wish to succeed must execute a solid marketing campaign.

Tip number one is to always have a plan before producing a video. Every second of every video should have a reason behind it, and be part of an organised, targeted marketing campaign.

Tip number two is to have a concrete goal in mind. Video production costs money, and requires time and effort. Having a goal before shooting the video increases the likelihood of a strong ROI.

Tip number three is to always provide compelling content for those who will be viewing the video. If the video does not either entertain them or give them the information they were looking for when they clicked on to the video, they will simply abandon the video and go someplace else.

Tip number four is to focus on quality over speed or quantity. Your online video is a company’s “best foot forward”. It will often be the viewer’s first impression of a company; a positive impression is a must and a negative impression can lose a potential customer forever.

Tip number five is to make sure that the video can be viewed anywhere. If a viewer has to click somewhere else to watch a video, they are likely to not return to the original website.

Tip number six is to take advantage of multiple distribution channels. These should at least include a website, email, YouTube, and a Facebook page.

Tip number seven is to always leave the viewer wanting more. In the opinion of many Internet marketers, 60 to 90 seconds is the ideal length for a promotional video. In an era of reduced attention span, where people have multiple people, places, and things competing for their attention, they are unlikely to spend longer than 2 minutes watching a promotional video. Also, while it is crucial to give the viewers some of what they want, it is also crucial that the viewer doesn’t get everything they want. If they do, there’s no motivation for them to complete the next desired action, whether it is to purchase a product or join an information list.

Tip number eight is to make the video engaging to the desired audience. The more interesting and engaging a video is, the more likely it is for the visitor to stay and watch the entire video, and to move on to the next desired action.

Tip number nine is to always include a call to action. If there is no call to action, the viewer usually won’t take the desired action.

Video Labs is a video marketing and production company in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas. They specialise in well-produced campaigns, attention to detail, and great results.

For more information or to start a video campaign today, call 1300 881 783 or check out their website: http://videolabs.com.au/