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Wallmark Provides Innovative Sound Barrier Fencing to Australia’s Construction Sites

“Our team members are detail oriented, experienced and dedicated to our customers.Our goal is to bring you the latest and most economical solutions for privacy and acoustic walls that are safe, quick to install and will look great for years to come,” says Wallmark.

In addition to meeting the aesthetic needs of needs for residential sites, Wallmark also provides modular fencing solutions for commercial and industrial applications as well.With an extensive product selection including such name brands as Dunewall, Evowall, and Urbanwall, builders are certain to find a modern, cost effective fence paneling solution for any application.The unique ability to integrate a custom sprayed or rolled surface finish to both sides makes these well-constructed commercial products ideally suited for use in locations where design-specific regulations exist.

These sound barrier fencing solutions offer simple, affordable remedies for all noise pollution needs. By reducing noise up to 28 decibels, each fence panel can easily deaden the sound from commercial and residential equipment, machinery, transformers, kennels, and highways.Wallmark’s noise barrier systems are light weight, and easily installed or dismantled for use as temporary barriers or long term use. With a simple and straightforward design, each panel can easily be repaired or replaced if necessary.

“Each of our sensible and efficient fencing products were specially designed to meet local conditions,” says Wallmark.“Builders turn to us for sound barrier fencing that is easy to assemble, requires little maintenance and have been acoustically tested and proven to reduce the appropriate amount of noise, no matter the application.”

For more information on noise reduction and sound barrier fencing solutions, please contact Wallmark at 1300 925 562, or visit http://www.wallmark.com.au/ to view a broad range of fence panels and acoustical materials for commercial, residential, and industrial applications.