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Warm up this winter with JURA

With the weather cooling down, nothing beats settling down for the night with a warm cup of coffee. Bringing barista quality coffee into your home, JURA has you covered when you are looking for something a little more adventurous than your average cup of Joe. Taking your favourite coffee recipes and transforming them, JURA’s winter favourites will have you looking at coffee in a different light.
George Liakatos, Managing Director of JURA Australia says, “At JURA we are all about taking your coffee experience to the next level. We want you to enjoy the best possible coffee in the comfort of your own home and when it comes to coffee there are no limits. Warming you from the inside out, we invite you to explore different ways to enjoy your favourite coffee. Test out our favourite winter recipes using our new ENA 8 machine range, or any JURA machine.”
With 75% of Australians daily coffee drinkers, JURA has unveiled their favourite winter recipes to help you get through the colder months.
Winter Café Mélange
Ingredients (1 Serving)
+ 1 JURA coffee (90ml Coffee)
+ 250ml whipping cream
+ 2tsp cocoa powder
+10ml chocolate syrup
+1 generous pinch ground cardamom
Combine cream, cocoa powder, chocolate syrup and cardamom into a tall container and whip until soft peaks. Prepare a JURA coffee in a small latte macchiato glass and top with the whipped cream mixture.

Hot Russian
Ingredients (1 Serving)
+ 45ml JURA espresso
+10ml vanilla syrup
+20ml Vodka
+100ml whipping cream
+1 ice cube
In a shaker add the cream and ice cube and shake for 20 seconds. Prepare a JURA espresso on a separate glass and add the vodka and vanilla syrup. Finally slide the chilled whipped cream carefully into the glass to form two layers.

JURA’s new ENA 8 range is available in Metropolitan Black, Sunset Red, Nordic White RRP $1,899 and ENA 8 Massive Aluminium, RRP $2,699. JURA ENA 8 is available now online at www.au.jura.com, selected electrical retailers, department stores and independent and specialty outlets.