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Water a Sweet Success - Just Water International NZ

A BUSINESSMAN who delivered the equivalent of four swimming pools’ worth of drinking water to 5000 South Auckland homes believes he has reduced each household’s sugar consumption by more than 24 kg a year.

Tony Falkenstein provided the free water cooler units to South Auckland families over two years in a personal attempt to see if he could wean them off sugar-laden fizzy drinks – blamed for contributing to obesity.

This week he received the results of follow-up research commissioned by his company, Just Water.

The findings show that close to half the occupants of homes with one of his coolers now have no fizzy drinks at all, compared with 21 per cent previously. Previously 16 per cent of respondents had four fizzy drinks a day, now no-one has that many.

Falkenstein is pleased with the results. “We deliver on average 35 litres of water for each household, and if their fizzy drink consumption went down by 50 per cent then we are reducing each household’s sugar consumption by two kilos a month and 24 kilos a year. That’s enormous.”

Falkenstein, who does not claim to be a philanthropist, delivers water once a month and charges clients just over $1 a litre.

He is an active voice in the South Auckland community in trying to reduce type two diabetes and is currently forming a counter to the Food Industry Group.

“We are looking at setting up a group comprised of interested parties from Diabetes NZ, heath boards and individuals – a healthy food group.”

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