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Water waste!

The Editor

Dear Editor,

The NSW government is introducing severe water checks on homes. Level Two restrictions will be enforced in the Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains and Illawarra regions from 10 December. Fines may be slapped on those using hoses and sprinklers. People have been asked to restrict the length of their showers.

But, while we are staying dirty and our gardens dying, there is no mention of the production of meat, dairy and eggs. Enormous amounts of water are used in irrigating the crops that farmed animals eat, providing millions of animals with drinking water, and washing away the polluting filth of factory farms, trucks and slaughterhouses. All for products that are cruel to animals, harmful to human health, and detrimental to the environment. An average of 4,500 litres of water is required to produce just one steak, and the production of a single hamburger requires the same amount of water as taking around 30 showers.

The government would be better off ensuring that food vendors in government buildings remove animal products from their menus. This would set a positive example for the rest of the state.

Any water conservation measures must include a long, hard look at animal agriculture industries.

Mimi Bekhechi
Campaigns Strategist
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA Australia)
PO Box 20308 World Square
Sydney, NSW, 2002
(08) 8556-5828