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Watermark Creative is one of Australia and New Zealand’s most respected agencies in the creative sector. This month the team celebrates an admirable 26 years in business made possible by the diverse talents of its people and their successful collaborations with marketeers, advertising, brand and design agencies.

Watermark Creative’s three directors are all creatives in their own right - Phillip Small, Dean Proudfoot and Dave Way. With studios in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, the business is structured to draw on individual strengths. Watermark Creative’s teams are recognised for their ability to harness the richness of working collaboratively and it is this point of difference that sets them apart.

“The business community’s acknowledgment that creativity is now a commercial imperative has radically shifted perceptions about creativity’s application,” commented Phillip Small, Director of Watermark Creative’s Sydney of ce. “That’s a pretty exciting opportunity for everyone in the sector as we’re seeing creativity’s incredible reach and diverse expression positively impacting everyday products and services not only commercially, but socially and culturally.”

“As a creative business, it’s great to see a more trusting relationship with creativity emerging,” added Small, “but more importantly it’s an amazing experience for us to be able to facilitate the creative development of each artist that chooses to be part of our collaborative structure.” 

David Way, Watermark’s Auckland based director added, “We’ve learned that we have a unique ability to express ideas and stories and that this is something that transcends technology and medium. Today, brand storytelling and experiences are playing out in exciting spaces. Similarly, where we began with acrylic paints and air brushes, digital sculpting and augmented reality is now the status quo.”

Way points out that commercial artists are fast understanding the value and versatility of their skills in
a quickly fragmenting market. He says that Watermark Creative is passionate about providing a highly collaborative studio environment that fosters creative individualism and encourages people to stretch beyond their capabilities to produce effective work that adds value to client campaigns.

“We’re focused on providing an environment where people can be nurtured creatively and grow independently within the business. There are too many forms of expression for an individual to master. The key is nding people that ‘get it’ and do amazing things with their talent,” continued Way. “Of course, if you share a vision with your team, as we do, then their skills can help realise your vision and theirs. It is this future that is really exciting.”

While launching a new website and celebrating seven recent award nominations at this year’s NZ Best Awards to be announced on October 6, Watermark Creative is also bearing a refreshed name moving on from Watermark Ltd.

The new site showcases the extensive portfolio and talents executed by the agency from large advertising campaigns using multiple artists, to beautiful packaging projects created by individuals, animated TVC’s involving teams from storyboard artists to nal art, and the agency’s fast growing expertise in interactive apps.

“Brands are looking for different ways of communicating their unique message,” said Small. “As passionate artists and commercial illustrators, we are continually developing creative strategies to add value to brands.”

“With a strong interest in creative technologies we’ve been able to grow this side of the business,” continued Way. “Moving forward with interactive and emerging technologies we’re in a unique position to handle projects with a broad range of visual treatments using our growing team of talented illustrators,” he said.

Dean Proudfoot, Director, Watermark Creative concluded, “We have a team of people who are truly passionate about what they do. To be part of that is an absolute pleasure. They not only push themselves but they push each other to take their work to new levels, setting the bar higher each time. For us to achieve excellent business outcomes, we must co-exist in a deep professional respect with each other and with our clients. At Watermark we pride ourselves in having this foundation of respect underpinning everything we do.”


It is our ability to work together as a group that makes us truly different. As a collective, we respect
each other’s talents and celebrate our team’s impressive skill sets that together have afforded Watermark Creative to grow its broad variety of clients over the last 26 years. The power of Watermark is the group’s
creative competence to solve problems using one or more areas of expertise. This flexibility de nes our point of difference.

Collaboration is a shared mindset and we actively cultivate this within our studios. Our belief in creative collaboration is driven by the value we place on keeping people central to the creative process, and ultimately the commercial gain it offers our clients.