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We've heard of 'green-washing' but what is 'Australia-washing'?


As our nation reels from the recent national bushfire crisis and continues in drought, we are now faced with a new global threat in the form of the Covid-19 virus. Now, more than ever, Australia needs to stay local, seek local and support local, for the long-term success of our industries and the communities that thrive on these businesses. 

But, what IS local? 

Forget ‘green-washing’ we now have ‘Australia-washing’ 
Many brands manufacture products such as food and cosmetics in Australia, sending bulk offshore for packaging before returning to Australia. This, not only, sends our dollars overseas but creates a significantly more damaging environmental footprint with the additional transportation fuels required for this process. 

Likewise, many brands, manufacture componentry abroad and bring into Australia for assembly to then claim an ‘Australian made’ accolade. And this isn’t where the true-blue ‘Australia-washing’ ends. 
And why do they do it? It’s simple – it’s cheaper. 

For decades, Australia has been held in the highest of global esteem as a clean and green nation, with purity and quality standards of manufacture. Now, with a cloud cast over many industries, consumers need to be even more discerning to determine which brands are worth their salt. 

‘Locally made’ simply put is when a business actions ALL processes of manufacture, from product conception to market delivery, within their relative geographic location. 

So how do you know if your products are really local? 
Ask the question: “are you 100% Australian owned, developed and manufactured?” If the answer is ambiguous, there’s probably a reason. If it’s clear, ask where geographically they are manufactured. Does it sit right with you, that your purchase price is being reinvested where it needs to? If so, you are supporting local and that’s a great choice. 

As a proudly Australian owned and run brand entrusted to care for the most delicate of new skin, Bubba Organics is genuine about transparency. Did you know that the entire Bubba Organics range is made in Melbourne, Australia? 
That’s right. EVERY bottle, EVERY label and EVERY formulation is made locally. 
Not only that, Bubba Organics produces 100% organic cotton baby swaddle wraps and wash cloths and these are also locally produced in Melbourne, from locally grown, milled and spun cotton. Of course, in bringing a product like this to you, we have plenty of partners involved. In fact, at least 8 different local businesses collaborate to deliver our baby wraps and wash cloths, each with their own local community workforce and micro-economy. How locally minded is that? 

The eco award-winning brand just sees this as another way to support local businesses and to reduce their carbon footprint recognising that each small act goes a long way towards protecting the future – and most importantly, the future of our precious children. 

In further efforts to help protect the environment for the future, Bubba Organics: 
✓ sources Australian made recyclable bottles. 
✓ ensures formulations are both biodegradable and grey-water safe. 
✓ uses eco-friendly printing processes for labels and marketing materials. Bubba Organics use recycled paper stock, and unbleached paper packaging where possible. 
✓ uses eco-friendly manufacturing processes. 
✓ uses compostable mailing satchels for Australian direct orders. 
✓ uses recyclable packaging filler and wrap to secure product for dispatch. 
✓ produces minimal runs of labels and stock to limit wastage. 

Bubba Organics understands that parents across the globe care about how things are made, where they come from and what impact they have. Choosing eco baby products is choosing to care for the planet and all its creatures. Bubba Organics is currently available online and in over 200 independently owned stores specialising in premium and sustainable lifestyle products for families. 

Bubba Organics works hard to deliver natural baby products that parents can trust – and are proud of the certifications that our premium products have earned. Bubba Organics is: 
✓ Australian Made & Owned ® 
✓ A proud supporter of the Eczema Association of Australasia Inc 
✓ Australian Allergy Certified ® 
✓ Australian Certified Toxic-Free 
✓ Made Safe Non-Toxic Certified™ 
✓ Vegan Friendly Certified™ 
✓ Cruelty-Free Certified™ 

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For more information, imagery or interviews contact: 
Kerri Chadwick, Bubba Organics P: 0400987788 | E: kerri@bubbaorganics.com.au 
Lindsay Spencer, Bubba Organics P: 0409409931 | E: marketing@bubbaorganics.com.au 

Since its launch in early 2016, Bubba Organics has been providing Australian families with truly natural skincare products. Committed to be a brand that parents can trust – an ethically produced, Australian made skincare line genuine about transparency. Nothing hidden or harmful, just the very finest naturally sourced ingredients chosen for their proven effectiveness and suitability for extra-sensitive skin. Bubba Organics is an ECO award-winning brand and a respected name in natural baby skincare. Bubba Organics is not only a proudly Australian owned and made brand, but all products are manufactured in Victoria, supporting our local business partners at every angle. A ‘think globally, act locally’ approach that continues to resonate well with the brands discerning customer.