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Welcome to a new era in land-based carbon management

Greenfleet today welcomes the passage of the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) legislation - the much anticipated program to accredit, register and trade carbon offsets from improved land management practices around Australia.

The CFI will provide the community and business with confidence in land-based carbon offsets, like Greenfleet’s carbon forests, due to the rigorous standards that will underpin the programme.

We have already commenced work to prepare the Greenfleet programme for accreditation under the CFI and will now progress full steam ahead with this work.

Greenfleet CEO, Sara Gipton commented, “The passing of the CFI legislation has ended more than twelve months of uncertainty in the carbon market, since the Greenhouse Friendly™ programme ceased in July 2010.”

“We will apply for CFI approval for Greenfleet’s forest sink programme as soon as possible, so we can once again demonstrate the real difference that our biodiverse, Australian native forests are making for the climate. It is important that Greenfleet offsets are recognised as a reliable, government-approved form of abatement.”

About Greenfleet

Greenfleet is a recognised leader in forest abatement, offsetting emissions for business and the community, and was the first not-for-profit forestry organisation to become an Approved Abatement Provider under the former Greenhouse Friendly™ programme.

Asa registered environmental charity, Greenfleet exists to make a difference, not a profit. Since 1997, Greenfleet has planted almost 7 million trees to restore biodiverse forests around Australia. We encourage organisations and individuals toAVOID and REDUCE greenhouse gas emissions and thenOFFSET anyremaining emissions by planting native forests.

Greenfleet’s forests take carbon from the atmosphere to tackle climate change, but they also do much more.
We plant a variety of native trees in permanent forests that help to reduce salinity and soil erosion, provide essential habitat for native wildlife, and much more.

Greenfleet have been named as finalists in the Biodiversity category (2010 & 2011) and the Meeting the Greenhouse Challenge category (2008) of the UNAA World Environment Day Awards, and the Land and Biodiversity category (2010) of the Banksia Awards – we hope to also have good news when the 2011 Banksia Awards’ finalists are announced in September.

Find out more at www.greenfleet.com.au