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What Changes Is Doran Printing Making To Support Environmental Printing?


With rising awareness of important environmental issues and climate changes, most of the printing companies are working hard to earn recognition as an eco-friendly company.  Printing in Mordialloc provides different options to make working easier and environmental friendly that also helps marketing business print.

To make printing a environmental friendly business, a change in the whole process should be done. The different practices that can be included to make environmental printing are:

Paper: Doran Printing is looking for papers that include pre-consumer recycled content and are responsibly sourced from tree plantations and well managed forests which has chlorine free processing. Post- consumer recycled fibers for printing in Mordialloc is not a good option for environmental printing as huge amount of chemicals are needed for recycling process.

Inks, coats and chemicals: We at Doran Printing are using vegetable based inks, primarily soy instead of petroleum based inks. These vegetable inks play an important part in environmental printing as they are gentle and also are brighter than the traditional ink cartridges. The high quality images produced by printing in Mordialloc are easy to remove during paper recycling. High gloss finish is provided by water based aqueous coating which works better than UV coating. Organic neutralizing solutions and filters are used by print stations to avoid contamination of local groundwater and soil.

Reducing and reusing waste: Doran Printing recycles scrap paper to newsprint which requires less energy, water and chemical treatment. Our well trained operators use least possible amount of paper to work on modern machines.

Energy consumption: Environmental printing also includes use of renewable energy sources, well insulated and energy efficient buildings. Doran Printing includes the mentioned methods and also uses power saving equipments.  

These few practices are being introduced into Printing in Mordialloc to make it eco-friendly. As a part of Environmental printing process, few changes are being launched, to make printing safe for environment.

About Us:

We at Doran Printing work with commitment to produce quality and reliable products at a good competitive price. As we never compromise with quality and safety, we are working towards environmental printing, thus changing our working techniques that are eco-friendly and also produce best quality product. Our experienced team ensures efficient workflow in order to produce the best quality product that satisfies the customer.