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What Is My Car's Towing Capacity And Why Is It Important?

Towing capacity is a leading figure to know if you're planning on towing. Every auto is not able of, but even the ones that are capable have limits.

Towing capacity refers to the maximum weight, which can be pulled by a particular vehicle while towing. The ability or rather the towing potential of vehicle depends on five principle components. The basic principles comprise transmission, axels, edge, brakes, and motor. Well, having a clear idea about the towing capacity of your car is extremely necessary.  The information for the same enables easy and safe towing of the vehicle.


Ignoring the vehicles towing capacity limit comes up with significant consequences. The same count much on cost and can lead to sudden mechanical damages, safety hazards, and many more. To avoid such damage have a check for the owner manual and figure out the actual towing capacity of your vehicle.

Once you are aware of the towing capacity, then you can load the appropriate vehicle quantity. At the same time, you can avoid a dangerous collision.

It is essential to have a clear idea about the vehicles towing capacity. Based on which you can conclude that whether you need to find a different car for towing or not. In simple terms, you can find out the actual capacities and capabilities of your vehicle.

This limit plays a significant role to help one understand that the car is ready for the tow.

The towing capacity of the car is recorded into distinct figures both measured in kilograms. One number applies to unbrake towing and the other to braked towing.

These figures are standard, and one should never exceed the limit. Well the towing capacity in a company AWD SUV is of 640kg (unbraked) and 1200kg (unbraked) whereas the large SUV wagons and dual –cab utes has a towing capacity of 750kg (unbraked) and 3500kg (braked).

The real vehicles world weight should be kept in mind. The same plays a crucial role in determining how much the load the vehicle can bear. Besides, the towing capacity or the legal limits should be kept in mind to ensure that the drowning is carried on within limits. Considering the limits will also provide the smooth run of the vehicle throughout the towing process. It will also help you add up speed with reduced risk while towing. Therefore, knowing your car towing capacity is extremely important to ensure the safety of vehicles and at the same time, ensure a stress-free towing of vehicles.

The common question which emerges to the mind of masses is: what is the actual weight my car can tow? The towing capacity of every vehicle is apart from each other.

For example, the Hilux has a towing capacity of 3500kg (braked) whereas the automatic stable mate has a towing capacity of 3200kg (braked). Besides, the perfect way to have a search for the same is the owner manual. The manual has the complete record about the towing capacity. So, without wasting even any time, figure out the towing standard of your car.


Well, the apt potential can be calculated by determining the Gross vehicle weight (GVM). The gross vehicle weight is of great help in calculating the GCWR or gross combination weight rating. The GCWR is the maximum Wight which your vehicle can withstand with any breakdown or damage.

Calculating the vehicular tow limits hardly requires any effort. Moreover, the same does not involve unnecessary time consumption. The process is of significant usage. So, never forget to determine your car towing capacity before starting with the process. Keep in mind that you do not exceed the towing limit of your vehicle.

Exceeding the boundaries can lead to considerable damage, which further causes monetary expense. To avoid such elevated loss, having a clear idea about the towing capacity is extremely important.    

Before proceeding further with the towing process over a great distance, you can make use of the local weighbridge to have a perfect idea about the weight of your vehicle. The idea about the same will help you drive within your legal limits irrespective of the towing distance.

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