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Wine Auction House Gives Away Wine Photography to Journalists and Bloggers

Wickman’s Fine Wine Auctions is offering 10 years of collected wine images to bloggers & online publications royalty free

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - Friday March 22, 2013 – Wine bloggers often need various photographs of wine bottles or wine related scenes to enhance their publications and may not have the resources to create their own or the budget to use a stock image service which more often than not lack the specific images required.


Wickman’s have released an initial set of images online to their website that bloggers and journalists may browse and download. Other images will be released on a regular basis over the course of the year and will be available, royalty free, to use in online publications. Royalty free refers to material that may be used for commercial benefit without paying royalties to the original creator.


“Wine related publications and bloggers can help themselves to whichever images they like,” says wine auctioneer Mark Wickman. “I plan to upload many more over the next 12 months; it is quite a time consuming task sorting through 10 years of wine photography”.

The images will be available for download from the Wickman’s website at:

Other timely reference material available for bloggers are a list of current and historical prices paid for all vintages of Penfolds Grange. Penfolds Grange will be released to the public officially on the 2nd May 2013:


Visit Wickman’s online at www.wickman.net.au

Notes for Editors:
About Wickman Fine Wine Auctions;

Wickman’s have been providing independent market intelligence and advice on the wine auction sector since 2003. It is the only company in Australia with a wealth of proprietary software resources that aggregates key data published by the leading Australian auction houses.


Distinguished by innovation and driven by passion, Wickman’s Fine Wine Auctions has been a lively and profitable meeting ground for wine buyers and sellers since 2003. A family business based in South Australia, Wickman’s prides itself on its position as a reliable resource with a well-spring of extraordinary values and opportunities.


Over the years, Wickman’s has continued to launch unique initiatives in an attempt to set the company apart from traditional online wine auction websites, introducing guaranteed provenance into Australian wine auctions and holding regular wine tasting events and dinners for members.