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Wine site for women launches in Australia

A new website that provides wine reviews, information and wine education especially for women has been launched in Australia.

The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society (www.fabulousladieswinesociety.com) is a fun, feminine and slightly tongue-in-cheek look at the world of wine. And while the tone is playful, the goal is serious – to communicate the joys and nuances of wine to an increasingly interested group of female wine consumers.

“Right now wine marketing to women continues to be too heavily focused on sweet, fizzy and low calorie. While these wines certainly have their place, assuming that all women want this sort of wine is incredibly patronising and doesn’t recognise that women’s palates are diverse and increasingly more educated,” says The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society Founder, Jane Thomson.

“Never before in Australia have women been so interested in wine. But the wine industry and wine media are still so heavily dominated by men. I felt there was a need for women to have somewhere they could go to get the information they want and need about wine, and to connect with other women who are also seeking to develop their interest. All the wine information and reviews on the site are written by women, for women – with women’s tastes in mind.”

To provide women with a more formal framework to develop their interest in wine, The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society has also created Australia’s first online women’s wine club - a “virtual” monthly wine tasting club. Each month, The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society presents its members with two easy-to-find winesalong with download-able tasting notesand a winescoring card that encourages women to offer their own opinion.

Members are also encouraged to turn the virtual tasting into a real life event, by inviting their friends to taste and learn about the wines together. At the end of each month, score cards are collected and collated and turned into one big review – providing an indication of what wine loving Australian women think of each wine.

The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society offers a safe, inclusive, fun and convivial way for women to explore the world of wine,” said Ms Thomson. “The long term goal is also to provide the wine industry with more feedback as to the sorts of and styles of wine that women prefer.”


For further information, please contact Jane Thomson

P: 0413 682 377

E: jane@fabulousladieswinesociety.com

Or visit:

Web: www.fabulousladieswinesociety.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheFabulousLadiesWineSociety

Twitter: @FabLadiesWine

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