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Winscribe Sponsors the Hospital CIO Roundtable at Australian Healthcare Week 2015

Winscribe Australasia is pleased to announce it will be showcasing its flagship product for medical report creation and documentation, Winscribe Text during this year’s Australian Healthcare Week in Sydney, NSW.

Winscribe Text is an integrated end-to-end medical report and documentation management solution that handles the all steps in the documentation, from creation to distribution. Clients experience significant time reduction in their report creation and distribution processes thanks to advanced speech technology, a central management platform, automated document distribution options, and integrations with health information systems (HISs).

Key benefits of Winscribe Text:

Increase Efficiency & Reduce Costs - Increase clinician productivity and operational efficiency and cut costs - while improving quality and maintaining compliance.

Paperless, with an Automatic Audit Trail - Electronic capture, distribution, authentication, and tracking streamlines report creation and distribution processes, while helping to ensure compliancy.

Easily Use & Manage Report Templates - Winscribe Text offers dynamic templates, which can be automatically populated with 500+ different dynamic data types, improving documentation efficiency.

Fast & Accurate Reporting - Use intelligent speech recognition or digital dictation to capture more detailed and accurate information, and share real-time information electronically to enable faster and more accurate reporting, while reducing document backlogs.

Integrated Solution - Winscribe Text can integrate with a hospital’s EMR, PACS, or another HIS to improve reporting capabilities, reduce duplicate data entry and to improve reporting workflows.

The Australian Healthcare week kicks off on Tuesday 24th of March and runs until 26th, hosting a selection of exciting healthcare events in the Australian Technology Park Conference Centre.

Now in its fifth year, the 2015 Australian Healthcare Week will continue to support communication between all stakeholders involved in funding, procurement, planning, design, commissioning and management of healthcare facilities to ensure models of care are achieved now and in the future. The program features 20+ industry leaders discussing Australia’s biggest health technology projects.

“We are excited to be this year’s sponsor of the Hospital CIO Roundtable at the Healthcare Efficiency Through Technology conference on the 24th of March,” commented Florian Stroehle, Regional Manager, Winscribe Australasia. “Together with a number of Australia’s top CIOs and technology leaders, we will discuss how technology can be used to deliver healthcare more efficiently to Australian communities. We will be discussing change management programs and trends that affect the delivery of healthcare in today’s society,” he continues.

If you would like to discuss how advanced technology could support your organization in delivering healthcare services more efficiently, please visit us at the conference at booth 45.