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Wireless Nurse Call demonstrates improved flexibility and timesaving for increased functionality and safety with CarePlus™

CarePlus™ Wireless has developed a strong reputation as one of the best performing Nurse Call platforms available at NiQ Health since its launch only a short two years ago. 

CarePlus™ Wireless facilitates versatile IP Nurse Call, operating next-generation, real-time wireless communication suitable for a range of facilities in the medical industry, from acute care to aged care, to GP clinics, and small day surgeries. 

It is the freedom of choice and location, with no cabling required thereby eliminating building constraints accompanying wired Nurse Call systems, that allows a more efficient CarePlus™ Nurse Call installation. 

Advantageous benefits such as easier integration, simpler connectivity and limited maintenance ensures faster performance, improving compliance whilst guaranteeing safety expectations are met. Improved functionality also offers benefits such as increased battery life (7 years), reliability and a user-friendly system to deliver staff, patients, and their families, significant peace-of-mind.  

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