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World’s first high-tech quality control camera for pizza unveiled



See the world’s first high-tech quality control camera for pizza—a delivery and kitchen optimization solution for restaurants.

Dragontail Systems’ quality control camera, the CCSU, ensures perfect pizzas every time, while its Algo Dispatching System helps restaurants deliver food on time, fresh and hot, to customers.


Dragontail Systems’ CCSU, below, and a pizza's topping being analysed by the unit.

About:Quick service restaurant (QSR) optimization company, Dragontail Systems, will showcase its unique quality control camera system for pizza shops, as well as its Algo Dispatching System — which uses algorithms to enable QSRs to optimize ordering and delivery processes — at The International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.


Known as the Camera Cut Station Unit (CCSU), Dragontail Systems’ quality control camera upgrades customer service while reducing labor and food costs. It thereby improves a restaurant’s financial performance and client satisfaction with absolutely no interference in a restaurant’s kitchen flow.

The system contains wireless sensors that monitor the temperature of the food in the oven, as well as the fridge and kitchen, and can immediately alert staff about any issues. At the same time, the mounted camera analyzes the quality of the ingredients to ensure that the correct ingredients have been used in the preparation of a meal. 

The CCSU is the first of its kind in the world since it monitors key elements in a kitchen during the preparation and cooking processes to improve the quality and consistency of pizzas and other meals a restaurant may be producing.  

In the scenario of a pizza shop, the camera can automatically send a photo of a pizza directly to a customer’s mobile device when the meal is ready, including the temperature and the time it came out of the oven.   

A photo of the pizza can be sent directly to customers using the CCSU

The CCSU system uses the most advanced machine learning technology, which improves the system’s diagnostics over time. The system can also be modified upon request for other types of food, such as burgers, tacos, sushi, or sandwiches. 

Algo Dispatching System

How the Algo Dispatching System works

Dragontail Systems' flagship product, the Algo Dispatching System, uses algorithms to enable quick service restaurants to optimize their ordering and delivery processes.

The Algo Dispatching System chooses the best sequence of preparation so that orders are grouped in a kitchen in the most optimal way, which ensures that they are prepared in time for the driver to pick up. It can be integrated into any point of sale system and the only additional hardware needed are the driver mobile units, which are provided with the system.

The Algo system takes into consideration many key factors, such as driver availability, order time, number of items in the order, hour of the day, planned staffing, and weather.

Who: Joey Pottie, Dragontail Systems’ Director of Integrations and Sales Support

When: Tuesday and Wednesday, March 28 and 29, 10 am–3.30 pm; Thursday, March 30, 10 am–3pm

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, booth No. N2552.

Photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3bnk4v_1U-6cFozSjB2TlV4SEk?usp=sharing 

Video: Algo Dispatching System: https://vimeo.com/179816052  CCSU: https://vimeo.com/191710409 

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