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Wreck Monster has proven themselves to be Leaders Among Auto Wrecking Companies

When it comes to paying top cash for cars, no-one can beat Wreck Monster.

It has always been a struggle to sell old junk cars and get good money at the same time. But, for people in Sydney at least, this is no longer a problem. Because a cash for car auto wrecking company has staked their claim as the top auto wrecking company in Sydney.

By salvaging re-usable components from junk cars, trucks, vans, Utes and SUV’s, they have amassed a huge inventory of parts to sell. So not only can people easily sell their clunkers fast and for maximum dollars, they can find themselves replacement parts at great ease.

That company is us, and we have only gone from success to success since we started this company many years ago. We are called WreckMonster, and we pay up to $15K for cars. Even more is paid for trucks, as they are even bigger. This is one of the many methods we use for ensuring that our customers are satisfied to the fullest of their capabilities.

The past twelve months have seen our business grow from strength to strength. We have smashed sales goals as far as used parts are concerned. This shows us that we must be doing something right. Whether that is to do with the extensive refurbishing, reconditioning and testing we do on each part, or the fact that we have such a huge range, is unclear.

But we know the customers are all happy, and they make this happiness evident by continually coming back year after year.

We can’t sell used parts if we don’t buy junk cars. The best way for us to ensure that people want to sell us their scrap vehicles is to pay more than any of our competitors. This is a tried and true strategy, and has allowed us to boast the highest cash offers in town.

While other companies seem to be content with paying a maximum of $5K, we aren’t afraid of pushing that limit all the way up to $15K, depending on what condition the vehicle is in. We also don’t restrict our buying practices to just cars, and will happily purchase a vehicle that is of the truck, Ute, 4x4, van or SUV variety.

However, boasting the highest offers in Sydney, only to pay less in order to make up for the cost of removal, would be an exercise in dishonesty. And no-one is as up front and transparent as us. That is why we provide free removal.

We won’t tell people offering to sell us their vehicles to provide their own transport of said automobiles. We won’t provide transport ourselves but make them foot the bill. We pay for removal, and we provide it.

These, and the fact that we have a lot of experience under our belts, is finally beginning to really pay off. And we can finally call WreckMonster the number 1 auto wreckers in Sydney!