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Yarra Ranges Council is the first local government authority in Victoria to embrace a total turnkey solution for its search requirements, having engaged IT services and solutions company iPLATINUM to supply its iFerret solution on specially configured hardware.

The turnkey solution combines a hardware and software configuration ensuring iFerret can achieve optimal performance levels while searching the Council’s huge email archive and other systems.

Yarra Ranges has a policy of retaining all emails so once it had decided that iFerret was its preferred solution, it faced a dilemma. Did it deploy staff to configure a virtual machine to the exacting specifications needed to optimise iFerret and thereby take them away from high priority council tasks? 

Well respected among Victorian councils for its information technology expertise Yarra Ranges said “no,” choosing instead to have iPLATINUM provide a machine, and thereby joining a growing number of councils embracing a total turnkey solution.

Yarra Ranges’ enterprise systems business analyst, Michelle Harris explains “we had an overwhelming need to find information for FOI requests, our email archive was very large and information was stored in various locations in network drives, rather than the corporate document management system.

“Each system we use - ECM, Pathway and Email Archive - has its own searching capabilities but we were after a single means of searching and collecting documentation and data in the one place,” she said. This approach means that nothing can fall through the gaps when performing searches for FOI information requests, insurance discovery, governance, compliance or customer service.

“Feedback from users has been very positive,” Ms Harris said. “They love it. Our FOI discovery process has reduced previous search times by at least 50 percent.”

The turnkey solution, including hardware and software, has not only exceeded Yarra Ranges search performance needs but makes the implementation and ongoing upkeep of the solution seamless from the Council’s perspective.

The Victorian authority joins Stonnington in Victoria and NSW councils at Gosford, Hornsby, Bega Valley, Coffs Harbour and Georges River in embracing a total solution strategy.  



iPLATINUM is an IT services and solutions provider focusing on specialist consulting, executive information, eBusiness and enterprise integration. The design, development and deployment of iFerret draw on iPLATINUM’s lengthy history of delivering innovative information solutions to Australian local government authorities. The company was formed in 2001. To find out more please visit www.iplatinum.com.au,