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Young financial planner celebrates 4th milestone – passion & energy continue to be his drivers

Earlier this month Sam Koranias, celebrated his fourth anniversary as a financial adviser and eighth year in the industry with Melbourne based planning practice Australian Wealth Solutions (AWS). 


In celebrating the milestone, Sam affirmed that passion for making a positive and meaningful difference to the well-being of clients as a professional advice practitioner continue to be his drivers.


Congratulating Sam on his milestone, AWS principal and founder Sam Zervides said since joining the practice initially as an intern then transitioned to financial advice, he (Sam Koranias) has demonstrated an outstanding and exemplary commitment to the industry, the profession and his own personal and professional growth.


“It was no surprise to me and the AWS team that Sam Koranias was honoured and acknowledged as MLC’s Young Adviser of the Year in 2017”, said Sam Zervides.


“Irrespective of all the legislative and regulatory demands that impact the industry, the provision of financial advice requires a person to person connection to be effective.  Sam’s warm and engaging personality has endeared him to clients of all ages – but it’s his expertise and knowledge that are highly regarded and respected”.


In financial planning I’ve found a calling and career that I’m really passionate about and provides me with immense personal satisfaction said Sam Koranias.  “Each day I strive to be better than the day before and I do this through constant learning and improvement”. 


“I’m also mentored by an industry stalwart in Sam Zervides and surrounded and motivated by an extraordinary team of gifted and equally passionate team members that comprise the AWS family”.


Commenting further Sam Koranias said, “I’ve learnt many valuable lessons over the course of my years in the industry – but none more so than the importance and benefit of personal financial advice and ongoing service. 


“Lessons that are being powerfully and profoundly reinforced by the economic impact and very real hardships being experienced by Australians as a result of the coronavirus”, said Sam Koranias.


With respect to his personal approach, Sam Koranias added that making money is easy – it’s keeping it that’s hard. 


Over the course of a working lifetime, a fortune is literally earned. 


Regrettably for the vast majority of Australians, very little will be saved, protected or put to work through investment, diversification and insurance to ensure a comfortable future in retirement – or as a legacy to bequeath the next generation. 


Nor as a life raft in hard times when unexpected catastrophes occur such as sickness, illness, death or an economic downturn.


Looking to the future, Sam continues to be committed to his personal and professional growth journey, determined to be the best he can in order to provide the highest standards of advice to clients. 


A further goal is to develop a financial literacy program to assist AWS clients and their family members understand money management as it is a necessity in the modern era.  Financial literacy empowers individuals to understand how to make sound choices, allocate income, manage debt and navigate investment opportunities and choices.





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