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Zealous System Allies with Clutch!

In order to prove this and showcase the work we have done, we have begun our partnership with Clutch, to give prospective clients a well-defined view of our processes and the success of our projects.

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform dedicated to providing in-depth analysis on over 7,000 firms throughout 500+ industry verticals, ranging from web development to answering services. Their ultimate goal: harboring meaningful business relationships between the buyers and sellers on their site. At the crux of their analysis lie client interviews, where Clutch speaks to a company’s references concerning the challenges, solutions, and results of their time working together. Additionally, Clutch utilizes a scoring methodology that encompasses over a dozen quantitative and qualitative factors, such as market presence, industry recognition, and clientele. They are thereby able to distinguish the leaders in each industry and if they have the ability to deliver.

Clutch has begun evaluating us in the big data consulting, web design, web, custom software, and mobile app development fields. For that reason, they have begun reaching out to some of our clients for feedback on our work.

Here are some of the things they’ve said thus far:

Zealous System responded within 15 minutes and gave an estimate roughly six times lower than their German-based competitors…I was able to reach them at almost any time of day, which is quite remarkable. It was delightful to work with them,” described the Project Manager of a global golf consultancy. They went on to commend the success of our app and how pleased the client was:

“We spoke to several importers from around the world who expressed an interest in using the app for their own national golf tournaments, and one of Audi’s departments even asked for Zealous System’s contact information when planning their international soccer tournament.”

Another client, the Founder of a motorcycle-rider mobile application, elaborated on our project management and communication expertise:

“Whenever I would get the latest update or build, I would contact them, and they responded almost immediately. They are really good with communication.” They went on to elaborate:

“They’re patient and strive to perform for their clients. They’re customer focused and show that they want to do the work correctly.”

To learn more about our extraordinary service and dedication to our clients, keep up-to-date with our Clutch profile.