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  • Leading Israeli agritech - pioneering developers of two-in-one root zone heating and cooling systems and irrigation systems

  • Proven technologies that generate significant crop yields upwards to 50% and simultaneously reduce energy consumption of up to 80%

  • Graduate company of the Office of the Israeli Chief Scientist Technological Incubator program

  • Prospectus launch to raise $5 million and list on ASX

  • Funds used for market development and expansion of commercialised technology into new markets

    (SYDNEY) Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Limited (Roots or Company), developers and distributors of proprietary root zone heating and cooling systems and irrigation by condensation irrigation systems with combined fertilisation and heating/cooling roots zone management, is pleased to announce the successful lodgement of its Prospectus with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

    The Prospectus offers 25 million shares at an issue price of INITIAL_CONTENT.20 per share to raise $5 million. The capital raised will be used to fund market development, expand into new markets, research and development, ASX listing costs and working capital.

    Dr Sharon Devir, CEO and Founder said: “We are helping to bring the thriving agritech sector into the spotlight in a country that we can serve very well, given its strong agricultural economy, challenging environmental conditions and price pressures.  It has been an exciting journey working towards the completion of the IPO process and the imminent listing of the Company on the ASX. It’s a crucial step towards expanding the business as we continue to invest around the world and realise exciting new opportunities.”


    EverBlu Capital Chairman, Adam Blumenthal said: “We are extremely pleased to be able to offer investors exposure to this sector. Roots is a one of a kind technology that has already begun to revolutionise the agricultural world. Addressing the current global food shortages, global water shortages and growing population, Roots offers a unique and patented solution to keep the agricultural world ahead of the curve. We have received significant interest both domestically and internationally from investors and look forward to the successful IPO.”  


ABOUT Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies
Israel-based Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Ltd. is developing and commercialising disruptive, modular, cutting-edge technologies to address critical problems being faced by agriculture today, including plant climate management and the shortage of water for irrigation.

Roots has developed proprietary know-how and patents to optimise performance, lower installation costs, and reduce energy consumption to a minimum to bring maximum benefit to farmers.

The Company’s two core technologies are:


  • Root Zone Temperature Optimization (RZTO), which significantly increases yield, improves quality, saves energy and mitigates extreme heat and cold stress.

  • Irrigation by Condensation (IBC), which provides water for irrigation from moisture in the air and soil.


    More information www.rootssat.com


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