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Terms of Use

The PRWire.com.au website (“PRWire”) is owned and operated by MediaConnect Australian Pty Ltd of 104/8 Century Cct Baulkham Hills, 2153 (“We, us, our”). It is used to publicise and distribution news announcements to the Internet, media and social media services.

By registering for PRWire, you agree to the following terms of use, limitations, quality policy and fair use policy. PRWire reserves the right to suspend or delete your account if any of the terms below are believed not to have been adhered to. PRWire reserves the right to delete any content that does meet the following terms and policies.

1. Accuracy

Members of PRWire agree to only publish information that they know to be true and accurate. Member are are solely responsible for the facts and accuracy of all information submitted by them for distribution by PR Newswire. PRWire will make reasonable efforts to correct any error of fact brought to its attention.

2. Acceptable content

Members of PRWire agree to only submit content that might be classified as a “news announcement”. That is it is a new event or statement related to the company or organisation that the release is being submitted under. This does not include how-to articles, generally-information articles, whitepapers, or opinions. Members must not submit content that infringes on copyright or the proprietary rights of a third party, or is unlawful or offensive. Releases must adhere to professional standards and may be deleted if they do not.

3. Attribution

Members of PRWire agree to submit content only on behalf of the organisation that the release is being submitted under. Content that may be considered misleading in terms of who the material is being submitted by, or in terms of who the content is related to should not be posted and may be deleted or edited. When submitting a release you must be the owner of the email that is being used to log into PRWire.

4. Categorisation

Members of PRWire agree to categorise content only under those categories that are relevant to the content. In general, we advise attempts to categorise content under more than five categories will lead to that content being reviewed and possibly removed.

5. Linking and fair-use

Members may not add content containing more than one links to the same website domain in any press release. Over-linking solely for Search Engine Optimisation purposes in not allowed and is advised against due to penalties that may be associated with over-linking.

Inquiries concerning any PRWire content including text, photos, video, audio and other content, or that may be related to the use of the PRWire service should be addressed to Philip Sim, Chief Executive Officer, MediaConnect Australia. 104/8 Century Cct Baulkham Hills, NSW, 2153 Australia